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At Plush Digital, our aim is to help marketers tame the chaos we call adtech. We do this by becoming your trusted partner and educational resource. We offer a combination of strategic development and tactical search, display, and social media buying to help our clients grow.



Search Marketing & Paid Media

We’ll work with you to create the most compelling digital experience in your market, but that’s of no use if customers can’t find you in the first place. We’ve got you covered in all aspects of online (and offline) promotion. We’re masters at search-engine marketing and optimization, social-media campaigns and even print, radio, video and environmental advertising.

Reputation Management

Online reviews are today’s word of mouth, and they’re a crucial part of attracting new patients. Yet making sure you’re getting enough reviews in the right places is a full-time job of its own. Plush Digital will manage a customized review-acquisition plan for your practice, and work tirelessly to offset the occasional critique with a steady stream of stellar feedback.

Web Marketing & Design

Research is the foundation of every successful digital-marketing campaign. We demystify the process by fully understanding your market, getting to know your practice and — most importantly — getting to know your patients. We’ll create the most compelling digital experience, whether you’re building a new practice or looking to improve the one you already have.



Our Clients

Plush Digital is proud to work with some of the most beloved brands across several verticals, from sports to television to medical. Below are just a few of our clients.


Our Services

Most of our clients come to us for the entire meal; others seek only an appetizer or amuse-bouche. Below is a detailed menu of our core services. Ready to get started?

Website Design

These days, a nonfunctional, poorly designed website is a nonstarter for any business. Your site must be engaging and easy to use, but its primary task is to generate leads. Our customized process will give you a stunning, modern website that's simpler to use and better at generating leads than your competitors’.

Reputation Management

Online reviews have replace the word-of-mouth recommendations of yore. Thousands of potential patients will see what's written abut you online. We’ll implement  our highly effective process, that guarantees a steady flow of real, positive online reviews from your patients, while mitigating the oft poor review should it arise.

Online Marketing & Advertising

You know you should be doing search-engine marketing, but what about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog posts and the innumerable other online-marketing options? Finding the solutions that will turn casual site visitors into loyal patients is a daunting task — and that’s what we’re here for.

Search Engine Optimization

Too many digital marketers cut corners and leave you with lackluster results or, worse, Google-imposed penalties. We understand the ins and outs of this ever-changing medium and can apply our expertise and maximize your results in order to secure you new patients at a low cost of acquisition.

Social Media Marketing & Management

Social media give people the opportunity to interact with brands and businesses as never before. They can also afford you the ability to build meaningful relationships with existing patients and engage prospective ones even before they come to need your services. Plush Digital helps turn them not just into patients, but into ambassadors for your practice.

Offline Advertising, Promotion & PR

Digital marketing can be plenty confusing on its own. But should you also be advertising on the radio, in gyms or at the local health fair? You can’t be everywhere, nor should you be. We’ll devise a strategic mix of offline outreach that will blend seamlessly with your digital efforts to give you the best exposure to your target market while keeping mindful of ROI.


“Plush Digital has been great to work with. They’re responsive and cost-effective — but most importantly, they’re creative. They truly take a partnership approach and are vested in the outcome of the project.”

James Edwards — CEO, Emergent Medical Associates

“Plush Digital designed a site for our practice that reflects the excellent service we provide to our patients, and we get compliments on it every day. Their ability to make our new site visible online is spectacular. Now, our No. 1 source of new patients is Google. The folks at Plush Digital are easy to work with, professional and very responsive. Their pricing is very fair considering the high quality work they deliver.”

Marc Richman, M.D. — Obsidian Men’s Health

“Since we began working with Plush Digital, we’ve bested our competitors with better rankings, better reviews, a beautiful website and a several-fold increase in consult requests coming from online.”

Gil Kryger, M.D. — Kryger Institute of Plastic Surgery

"Working with Plush Digital has been a great experience. With their guidance, I was able to increase my standing online tremendously. It was very easy to communicate my needs and establish the branding and image that I was working towards. They are very responsive and worked swiftly and diligently to help me stand out online and finally come out on top of the search rankings."

Ben Tolley, DDS —Tolley Dental


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That’s the true bottom line for us. Everything we do — paid media, search-engine optimization, social campaigns — is all in the service of one goal: growing your base of loyal customers who become fans and ultimately ambassadors for your organization.


We’re Big-Picture People

Other digital marketers might build you a decent site or a reasonably effective social campaign, but with Plush Digital you’ll work with a team handpicked specifically for your project. Our comprehensive strategic experience is impossible to beat.



We have the credentials and sensibility to get the job done right the first time. Our team has some of the broadest, deepest digital-marketing experience you’ll find: We’ve been in the digital space for 20 years, specializing in online marketing for more than a decade.



We’re not a fly-by-night operation. We’re proud of what we do, and we won’t partner with clients who expect us to cut corners. Our flawless execution shows in the work we do, the results we get and, most of all, the long-lasting relationships we forge with our clients.


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