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OTT Analytics

Plush's propriety technology joins and scores your siloed first party data (CRM, CMS, Social, eComm, and more) to extract actionable insights on everything from how much a certain audience is worth, to what media and content they'll best respond to. It's your data, we just know how to make it work for you.

Content Distribution

Based on Plush Analytics findings, we design effective content distribution strategies that take into consideration your business model and KPIs, as well as what your audience is most likely to respond to; and at what cost. We constantly test our models and become more and more efficient in record time.


With Plush OTT Analytics, we can predict how much an audience is worth, and where they're most likely to take action. While we power some of the most efficient paid media campaigns on the planet, our goal is always an overall strategy that maximizes your budget by using organic, O&O and paid media effectively.

"Plush provides valuable insight brings to the table new ideas and fresh perspective which is critical to the ever-changing media landscape. Plush is unique in a sea of agencies, as they are true partners to our business."


A Few Brands that Love Plush

The OTT Rodeo Blog

The marketing & analytics industry is chaotic. As we do with our clients, the OTT Rodeo Blog attempts to tame the chaos into bite sized morsels of knowledge and understanding.

  • Ad Networks… What the f*ck happened to them?


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    The Supremacy of OTT

    Saturday I walked into my parent’s living room to find a giggling middle-aged man. There in my family home was my Dad, laughing hysterically as he eagerly shuffled through hours of Snoop Dogg’s Double G News Network, a Youtube-broadcasted digital series. It was the first time...  CONTINUE READING

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    Day One (Sort Of)

    I’ve been waiting for this day for 20+ years. Well, maybe a few less… But I do vividly remember being dropped off at kindergarten, and watching the adults walk off in button-up shirts and fancy shoes thinking ‘...where are THEY going?!’ Monday I started full-time at Plush Digital heading...  CONTINUE READING

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    Still Televised

    THIS JUST IN: Television isn’t dead yet. Film at 11! You’ll of course have to sit through the commercials — but in this case, that’s kind of the point.You see, contrary to the widespread belief that digital media is unstoppably ascendant, TV advertising is projected to keep pace, more or less...  CONTINUE READING

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