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Building the Next-Gen Marketing Stack for My Gym

Building the Next-Gen Marketing Stack for My Gym

My Gym is a global franchise organization with 420 children’s fitness centers around the world. They have 160 locations in the United States and Canada, 200 in China, and another 50 in Europe.

MyGym is a beloved brand run by a team that is highly dedicated to the success of their franchises. They have one of the highest success rates of all franchise organizations in the world. MyGym typically attracts fitness minded entrepreneurs that also love working with children.

The Problem

MyGym faces the same challenge facing all modern digital marketing teams. The advertising technology (adtech) landscape has evolved so quickly over the last several years that professional marketers are paralyzed by choice. The Lumascapes do a great job of trying to organize the chaos but the fact remains: modern marketing teams must master and measure the impact of at least five foundational marketing channels to remain relevant and accountable to their organizations:

• Search
• Social
• Display
• Email
• Analytics

Not only must marketers understand the above channels individually they must also understand the relationship between them. For example, what impact does Facebook advertising have on Google search volume? Search often fulfills demand created via advertising on social channels but very few marketers in the world have insight into this symbiotic relationship. The biggest organizations in the world are struggling to navigate this chaos and tap the power and efficiency of digital advertising.

This problem is amplified for franchise organizations. Not only must they define and implement a corporate strategy they must also design digital solutions that simplify and elevate marketing skills at the franchise level.

The Project

My Gym engaged Plush Digital to design a holistic digital advertising strategy with three primary requirements: 

1) Measurability and Insights: The new plan must provide the ability to clearly measure the impact of My Gym digital marketing investment on behalf of its franchisees.

2) Franchisee Support: The new plan should provide a simple elegant solution designed specifically to support My Gym franchisees. It must elevate and reshape the corporate-franchisee marketing relationship. The new plan must solve the complexities of digital marketing and lead to increased enrollment and sales across the organization. 

3) Actionable: The new approach must be digestible and within reach given a specific and limited marketing budget. The plan must leverage the aggregate buying power of all MyGym franchisees across the country to identify and integrate the best advertising technology platforms in the world. 

The Plush Digital Approach

Plush Digital is a new breed of advertising agency. It is a network of seasoned digital advertising professionals each with a different area of deep domain expertise across creative, search, social, analytics and display advertising. Our teams come together to study client needs and create custom solutions for each unique business case. Plush Digital does not build technology but rather curates and integrates best in breed tech platforms into single solutions on behalf of its partners.

Building The MyGym Ad Stack

The design phase included extensive interviews with My Gym corporate resources and franchisees to understand the specific needs, challenges, and opportunities facing My Gym. The resulting solution emerged from these interviews as well as with extensive demos and conversations with over potential technology providers from across a variety of disciplines. The final solution or “Ad-Stack: was based on a combination of functionality, price, service levels, and design.

The solution above is designed specifically to meet the needs of a global franchise organization trying to harness to power of digital advertising on behalf of its valuable and demanding franchise base.

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