Three Reasons You Should be Testing Crowdsourced Creative Campaigns

Three Reasons You Should be Testing Crowdsourced Creative Campaigns

“Crowdsourced creative” is already making a significant impact on advertising. Brands that figure out how to engage their most loyal customers — and capture their stories — will greatly outperform their competitors who fail to do so. Why? Because crowdsourced creative campaigns offer three primary benefits:

1. ORGANIC ENGAGEMENT BREEDS SMART MEDIA BUYS. The biggest social platforms — Facebook, Instagram, et al. — promote and disseminate interesting content, as measured by the simple arithmetic of “likes,” “shares,” and "comment." Facebook, after all, desires one thing: to have its users spend more time on Facebook properties. It has therefore designed its entire algorithm to promote content that offers the greatest likelihood of keeping people within Facebook’s orbit.

 What many don’t realize is that this exact precept applies to advertising, too. Brands that engender collaboration between organic and paid social teams will be able to buy media much more efficiently than brands stuck in “social silos” with very little breadth. The benefits from collaboration like this often increase exponentially.

2. AUTHENTICITY ALWAYS WINS. Who better to extol the virtues of your brand than those who make it, use it and feel passionate about it? Long gone are the days of Don Draper and his skinny tie, ruminating over a cigarette and a 2 p.m. highball until inspiration strikes in the form of a great campaign idea. Today, great ideas come from everywhere: employees, customers, franchisees, even random encounters with people unfamiliar with your brand. You need to know how best to tap into them by mastering the available platforms.

3. THE MASSES COME CHEAP. Crowdsourced creative is far, far less expensive than a polished campaign produced by a large agency. Today’s savvy consumers, Millennials in particular, don’t want high gloss: They’re looking for honesty, humor and grit.

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