irene shih

ecommerce strategy

ecomm accelerator 

Irene is a customer acquisition and retention specialist. Her expertise lies in taking advantage of various social media advertising platforms and turning them into profitable customer acquisition machines for our clients.


She was a founding team member for a leading adtech company where she was integral in the development of their media management strategy, analytics, media analyst training program and data driven methodology to achieve excellent results for clients. 


She specializes in executing social media marketing strategies to deliver the best results for sustainable customer acquisition and scale. She is also an adviser to 500Startups, a global accelerator program for innovative startups.

work-life balance

Go to Starbucks Order:

Tall Americano - always. 

What's your dream vacation?

A treehouse African safari!

Burritos or Tacos?

How can you say no to either? Just make it a super and hold the beans.

What's an interesting fact about you?

I was briefly a hardware engineer after college working in Japan on the next version of an Ethernet chip.​