Neil has been building clients and customer relationships in advertising and marketing almost since the days of grease pencils and drafting tables. (We said almost.) He has spent over two decades in the industry producing campaigns for such clients as UFC, adidas, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, in a variety of media, both print (way back when) and now, nearly exclusively, digital.


He began his career while still a college student in Boston, working on a series of campaigns for Reebok and Sheraton Hotels. He later spent more than a decade in Manhattan’s “Silicon Alley,” immersing himself in the burgeoning ad-tech world with stints at firms including U.S. Interactive and Involve, Inc. before returning to his native Los Angeles to start Plush.


Neil is a man of ecumenical interests: international affairs, Middle East history and policy, and unabashed enjoyment of gratingly twee pop music. (Ask him to sing his rendition of Belle & Sebastian’s “Step Into My Office, Baby” — perhaps as you step into his office, baby.)


He has a bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing from Boston University and a master’s in international affairs from Columbia. He lives in Calabasas with his wife, Renee, their two children, Jonah and Eden, and beloved pooch, Jax.

work-life balance

Go to Starbucks Order

Grande Cappuccino, with real f**king milk. 

Where can we find you on the weekends?

Hiking a local mountain.

Favorite Office Snack

Diet Coke

Burritos or Tacos?


What's your favorite song?

The Scientist, Coldplay